(Voice of Joan Rivers)

Behind the cosmopolitan floors of Laird & Tyler Department Store, way back in the alterations area, is a fixture as old as a manual Singer sewing machine. Her name is ROXANNE BISCHOFF and she’s been a seamstress for more years than anyone would ever dare say to her face. Roxanne has seen every trend, every hemline, every “fresh look” come and go. The only thing she hasn’t altered is her own wry personality. She’s got an opinion about everything. She’s the last chain smoker in New York. In fact, nobody has every seen her eat – just coffee with saccharine – the pills not the packets. Roxanne may be a crotchety seamstress by day, but by night, it’s a whole different ballgame. 

(Voice of Joan Rivers)

Fashionista is the secret behind all the great designers: Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Jessica Simpson. With a tasteful eye and a withering glance, she's ever on the alert for the evil perils of Bangs and her cohorts. From within her lair she monitors all things style related, stepping in as only a true diva can.
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(voice of Christina Milian)
Kaylie Moore is living the dream…adjacent. She’s the youngest child of a big family in Queens, and works in the stock room at Laird & Tyler – too shy to work the floor. Kaylie pines for a career in clothing design, and lives out her fantasy reading fashion magazines and saving up for design classes. Every day she wears an interesting homemade accessory, but nobody notices. Nobody, but Roxanne. Although Roxanne would never be sentimental enough to admit it, Kaylie’s like the daughter she never had. Roxanne would kill anyone who brought her harm.

Glamour Girl
(voice of Christina Milian) Glamour Girl is Kaylie’s alter-ego – when she transforms in Fashionista’s secret lair. She hasn’t quite adjusted to her skin-tight clad persona. But like it or not, Fashionista’s there to make sure she uses every asset she’s got while she’s still got ‘em. Glamour Girl is an invaluable asset to Fashionista. She’s got her finger on the pulse of the latest trends, is always upbeat (if a tad naive), and is by Fashionista’s standards a technical whiz – which simply means she can work the speaker phone and interweb.
glamour girl
about Christina
(voice of French Stewart)

Mr. Worthe is the pompous fussbudget who runs the ladies couture floor. He has little patience for Roxanne, who he sees as a lowly seamstress. Worthe considers himself a self-made A-lister – a fashion insider who has become the man-to-know in design circles. He brags to the staff about the fancy events he attends, having no idea that Roxanne is the one who actually makes them happen.
about French
(Voice of Melissa Rivers)

Fashion Super-villain was once a promising young designer, until her failed line of menswear for women (that left unfortunate bulges) made her the laughing stock of Fashion Week. She vowed then-and-there to secretly dedicate her life to foiling the ambitions of designers and couture devotees everywhere. By day, she’s a powerful fashion insider and critic. By night, she wreaks havoc on the world of style with plots as comical as they are diabolical. Her only ally is her pet, Stole. And he hates her.

(Voice of Seth Rudetsky)

Stole is Bangs’ pet fox that she keeps around her neck – the foot trap still around his ankle. (The fur apparantly stays fresher-looking if the animal is still alive.) Stole is a bitter thing who wryly enjoys the wickedness of his master. Bangs keeps him in check by threatening that he’ll end up like his brother and sister – who are now the fur cuffs of her jacket.
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(voice of Michael Urie)
KILLER is Roxanne’s scruffy pet Maltese. He begrudgingly works as Roxanne’s mobile pin cushion, tote bag and ashtray. Killer growls at Roxanne’s boss, Mr. Worthe, and the color orange.

(Voice of Michael Urie)
Killer transforms into the fabulous SPLENDIDO, a purebred stylist with an accent as thick as his attitude. Oh yes. He talks. You can’t shut him up. But he can cut hair, apply make-up and accessorize better than any vanity team in the biz. Splendido is the darling of every designer in town and has connections everywhere. And he can be a real prima donna. After all, his mother was a bitch. Literally.

about Michael
Diane Von Furstenberger
voice of Susie Essman

Diane is just one of many celebrities who call on Fashionista in a crisis. 

  Somewhere, perhaps right this minute, some starlet is slipping into a career-ruining dress for tonight’s red carpet premiere – a fatal error that will tank the movie and destroy lives in the process. And that can’t happen on Fashionista’s watch.

about Susie
trophy wife
Trophy Wife
(Voice of Lisa Rinna)

Just one of the many Laird & Tyler clients who has no idea that the old woman who hems their dresses is the force behind every fashion statement in the biz.

about Lisa
(voice of Fred Stella)

Fred Stella enjoys a career in voice acting, stage, TV and film. Fred spent several years in Detroit doing radio prior to moving to West Michigan to work as an on-air talk show host. TV credits include the role of Brandy's Dad on the Emmy award winning children's show, Come On Over; voicing various characters on the children's radio serial dramas, Down Gilead Lane and Red Rock Mysteries; narrating and directing several dozens of audiobook titles. He was awarded "Best Male Narration" by Publisher's Weekly and a nomination by the Audie Awards in 2013.


Executive Producers
Joan Rivers & Melissa Rivers
Teresa L. Thome & Patrick W. Ziegler
Danny Salles

Created, written and produced by
Danny Salles

Produced by
Teresa L. Thome & Patrick W. Ziegler

Associate Producer Fred Stella

Animation by
The Clik Group

Character and Background Plates:
Zeke Johnson, Carlos Ortega

Consulting Producers:
Larry Amoros, Tony Tripoli

Geralyn Flood, CSA

Music Score Composed by Greg O’Connor

Fashionista & Glamour Girl Theme Song
Music by Greg O’Connor
Lyrics by Danny Salles
Theme performed by JQ

Animation Supervisors:
Dustin Wyman, Daniel Lord, Ann Roche

Animation Team:
Marc Medrich, Geoff Kapanka, Shawn LaCourciere, Nathan Matter, Ryan Kapanka

Sound Design:
Studios on the Pond, River City Studios, Rodger Bliss

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Special Thanks:
Jocelyn Pickett, Sabrina Miller, Graham Reed, Melody McCoy,
Julie Pottebaum, Tone Hoeft, Mike Barker, Diana Ritchey,
Chuck Peterson, Matt Rose, Carmen Flores, Fred Stella,
Mark Anthony Lord, Myles Spar, Judy Katz, Linda Mensch
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