Inside one of New York’s most cosmopolitan department stores lies the fashion world’s best kept secret. She is Fashionista, and with the help of her sidekick, Glamour Girl, she fights fashion crime with the same fervor that Batman and Robin fight the Riddler. They have one mission: to save actors, designers, socialites, celebrities and laypeople alike from becoming the next fashion “don’t.” Perhaps right this minute, some starlet is slipping into a career-ruining dress that will tank the movie and destroy lives in the process. And that can’t happen on Fashionista’s watch.

By day, our duo works in the ladies couture floor of Laird and Tyler department store. Roxanne is a crotchety seamstress and Kaylie is a shy, stock girl. But when the light on Roxanne’s pet Maltese Killer collar signals a fashion emergency, the ladies slip away to the bowels of the store to their hidden lair – the secret nerve center of the fashion world. Once inside, our Clothing Crusaders transform into their alter ego outfits and become Fashionista and Glamour Girl.

With the help of their canine stylist, Splendido (Killer’s super-alterego) our Diva Duo is ever-ready to answers the call of the clothing-challenged in peril. Perhaps designer Zach Poser calls moments before his big show that nothing fits because his models have ballooned to a size 0. Someone has injected calories into the models’ mainstay of celery stalks and menthols. Or perhaps the First Lady rings from the White House Correspondents Dinner that fashion villain, Camile Toe, has been up to no good – and that she and Justice Sotomayor are in danger of “over-sharing” with the press. And our team springs into action when teenage girls have started committing petty crimes to get the trendy orange prison jumpsuits all the bad girl starlets are wearing. It’s up to Fashionista and Glamour Girl to break into the Hampton’s Women’s prison to scare these trendoids straight. It never ends…

How did it all begin? Well legend has it that Fashionista’s powers are the result of her mysterious birth. She is the love child of Coco Chanel and the Brooks Brothers (she’s not sure which one). Baby Roxanne was found in the revolving door of Laird and Tyler dressed only in a black diaper and a single, tasteful strand of pearls. The seamstresses took her in and raised her as their own. The rest is history…

FASHIONISTA & GLAMOUR GIRL is a new animated comedy that sends up all things celebrity and style-related with a viral sensibility and a heart of gold. Make that platinum. Gold is so last season.
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